In North Carolina, no wild animal is more recognizable than the white-tailed deer. Whether a mature buck with magnificent antlers, a graceful doe, or a spotted fawn running with its mother, the white-tailed deer is one of the most popular animals.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and while you were there you saw something wild and crazy happening?  Well, I bet you would have never thought that by going to a restaurant you would see a wild beast running around INSIDE the restaurant.  A restaurant in South Carolina shared footage of a moment when a deer ran into the store because the front door was left open.  The video shows the deer slipping up and sliding all around the living room.

Now you know us black folk won’t have a deer running around anything that we have because we aren’t leaving the front door open for any reason at all.  Especially a front door that doesn’t have a screen door.

According to UPI News, 521 Filling Station in Kershaw posted the video of the deer Monday running rapidly throughout the dining room area.  The owner said the deer was trying to find an exit and some of his employees lead the deer back outside safely.  Check out the video below. I don’t know about you but this video was funny to me.

Never a dull moment @ THE 521

Posted by 521 Filling Station "Home of the 16oz Ribeye" on Monday, October 24, 2022