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If you’re like me and live in an apartment, you obviously don’t have a backyard for your dogs. At my apartment complex, there’s a huge fenced in area for dogs but there’s a sewer drain in the area. My dogs ALWAYS jump right in the nasty water. Everytime! I see other dogs running around, having fun, but my dogs always run into the dirty water, so I rarely take them out there. I need a dry fenced in area for my pups. Enter Sniffspot.

Sniffspot is an app that helps you find private dog parks/areas locally. The app connects dog owners with local backyards so they can run and play. Basically, you’re renting someone’s yard for a set price per hour. Pretty cool idea! It’s less expensive than doggy day care, and there are lots of options you can choose from.

This is a really good idea for folks that have dogs that are sensitive or for people that have dogs that don’t play well with other dogs. Kramer is extremely socialized and loves playing with other dogs. Eddy isn’t as socialized as she was very fearful of dogs and people when I first rescued her. She’s come a long way but is now barking at other dogs while on her leash. I think it’s her ‘Jack Russell’ instinct to protect me. That said, she loves running and playing with Kramer, so a yard just for them is an excellent option.

Here’s how it all works: you go to or download the app. You put in your location or zipcode and Sniffspot then finds private, fenced in areas for your dog locally. When I put in my zip, the website found all the off-leash dog parks I could rent close to me. Prices per hour ranged from $4 an hour to $25 dollar an hour. You get to pick the place that looks best for your dog. You’ll see private fenced in back yards of local homeowners to acres of land. Pretty cool!

What a great option to have if you don’t want to take your dog to city dog parks! You can also use the site and app to find local dog trainers, and you can sign up to be a host if you have a big yard or land. Becoming a host is a great idea to make some extra loot.

There’s lots of info on their website, so you can get all the details here.