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Are you a dog lover? I know I am. I am currently wondering what type of dog breed I want to get when I get my dog this year. I love puppies and grew up with dogs and enjoy it all when it comes to a dog. Everyone has those specific dog breeds that they prefer, which is totally understandable. But, it is kind of cool that some states have their favorite dog breeds as well.

Reader’s Digest knows how much America loves dogs, so now we wonder what type is their favorite. South Carolinians have their favorite dog breed that they would like to enjoy. South Carolina’s favorite dog breeds include the following:

  • Labs
  • German shepherds
  • Beagles

But, did you know that every state has a state dog? How wild is that? South Carolina’s state dog is the Boykin Spaniel. I have never seen a Boykin Spaniel in person, so I am intrigued by that. But, they are for sure the cutest little puppies. Now, I may have a new breed to consider when I go dog shopping. Click here to read the full article to see other states’ most popular dog breeds.