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Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

This is amazing! There’s a video going viral of a dog riding an electric scooter like a pro and folks are in awe! And not only does this sweet boy ride the scooter, but he can also steer, and he can stop it! Such a smart dog! And he’s not just riding a scooter, he’s rockin’ on a one-wheeled electric scooter.

According to Pet Helpful, the dog, named Grayson, is racking up millions of views on TikTok for his scooter skills. Now I’ve seen dogs ride skateboards and stand-up two wheeled scooters, but never a scooter like this. The TikTok user @capincunucafuk is the owner of Grayson and has posted a few videos of his dog riding the electric scooter.

People are totally floored by Grayson’s skills. You have to see the video to believe it. In one of them, Grayson is cruising down the street on the electric scooter and steers the thing in order to avoid a pothole. It’s amazing! I’m so uncoordinated, I won’t even get on two-wheeled scooters with handles. I don’t know how this dog does it, but his skills are making him quite popular. Of course, the fact that he’s so handsome doesn’t hurt either. Such a pretty dog!

My guess is that Grayson will be on a talk show soon and may even be cast in a television show or a movie. With his pretty face and his scooter skills, he definitely is ready for Hollywood!