Here is where the biggest alligator in North Carolina was found

Here is something good to know if you plan on spending any time near a lake in South Carolina anytime soon. Alligators are becoming more and more popular in the Palmetto State.  It’s not that they want a nice vacation amongst the smiling faces and sunshine.  They are getting forced into choosing different habitat options due to, you guessed it, encroaching on human populations. Here are the most alligator-infested lakes in South Carolina.

I don’t know about you but I kind of like seeing a gator in the water, from a distance.  I certainly don’t want to roll up on one while I am fishing, kayaking, or swimming.  So I consulted my go-to for all things animals at “A-Z Animals”.

I have fished a couple of these lakes.  Now I will know to be more aware.  Lake Marion in Santee State Park in South Carolina is not a lake to be messed with.  At last count, there are over 100 confirmed gators in that lake.

Lake Moultrie is great for catching catfish.  It is the 3rd largest lake in South Carolina and it is home to plenty of alligators.  Hilton Head Island even has gator crossing signs! Be sure to watch bodies of water in Charleston, South Carolina as well.  To get the complete list of the most alligator-infested lakes in South Carolina, just go right here for details.

What Animals Might You See On the Coast of South Carolina?

One thing about being in North Carolina, you are not far off from the wild of South Carolina. From the beaches and small towns, South Carolina has tons to offer. But, have you ever thought about maybe animals that live in South Carolina? Well, this summer you might get a visit from a few more things other than just some nice southern charm. South Carolina beaches are home to different coastal vibes, including animals.

The Travel wondered what animals might you see when visiting the beaches along the coast of South Carolina. I am sure you are wondering what they found. Let’s just say you may not have known about some of these creep crawlers (or swimmers). South Carolinas wildlife has a huge range, especially near the beaches. Some are creatures you may want to interact with, while others you should just avoid altogether. South Carolina is home to some beautiful wildlife creatures you could enjoy a view of during your next trip. Check out what wildlife creatures you may see on your next trip to the South Carolina coast.

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