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Netflix Is Taking Us Back In Time With Some Of The Biggest Movies Of 1984

What was it about 1984? It was such a monumental year in so many ways. It started with the release of Van Halen's most iconic album. Then Apple introduced the first Macintosh computer. The Summer Olympics took place in Los Angeles, where Mary Lou Retton, Carl Lewis, and Michael Jordan led the U.S. to glory. And the UK all-star group Band Aid wrapped up the year with the charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas?" for famine relief in Ethiopia. I was a ten-going-on-eleven-year-old living on Long Island in the summer of '84. At that impressionable age, I got hooked on two things. First, I started listening to the radio stations of nearby New York City, which launched a life-long love affair and, eventually, a career. And then there were the movies. My father had taken me to see Return of the Jedi and Zelig the year before. By 1984, I was full-blown movie fanatic. It was in 1984 that director James Cameron gave us The Terminator and truly made Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name. That was also the year that Americans first asked the question, "Who you gonna call?" And it was when we became acquainted with Axel Foley, Freddy Krueger, and Long Duk Dong. If those characters mean anything to you, get ready to meet them all over again through the magic of streaming. According to IndieWire, Netflix is taking us back to the '80s with a special movie collection. After celebrating the 50th anniversary of films from 1974, Netflix is now offering a 40th anniversary collection of big movie titles that hit theaters in 1984. Sixteen Candles, Gremlins, and Best Picture winner Amadeus are all available for your retro viewing pleasure. Footloose, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Beverly Hills Cop are also included on the list below. That last one is a good lead-up to Netflix releasing their new sequel, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F on July 3rd. 1984 Movie Collection on Netflix 2010: The Year We Make Contact A Nightmare on Elm Street Against All Odds Amadeus Beverly Hills Cop Birdy Body Double Conan the Destroyer Falling in Love Firestarter Firstborn Footloose Iceman Joy of Sex Micki & Maude Moscow on the Hudson A Passage to India Places in the Heart Repo Man The River Sixteen Candles Starman Top Secret!

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