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According to a recent study, looking at pictures and videos of cute animals can help reduce stress. Well, these pictures of a piglet photo shoot will ease your stress away!

Cashlie White, a photographer from Oklahoma known for newborn and wedding portraits, can now add “piglet photographer” to her resume. White staging a newborn shoot for a two week-old piglet named Dynamite. Even though White hasn’t had experience photographing animals, she nailed Dynamite’s session.

Much to White’s surprise, working with a piglet was easier than she thought. She said that Dynamite was easier to photograph than some of the babies she’s worked with. Due to¬†Dynamite’s age, White went above and beyond to ensure she was comfortable. “Just like a regular newborn shoot, I had a small space heater nearby, we kept the room quiet, and she was most comfy when she was swaddled.”

The pictures turned out beyond cute! This is absolutely adorable! All the pics can be checked out here.  I love them!