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Remember when you were a kid and you really wanted a pet? I remember crying until my dad let me keep a stray cat. And I remember crying until he let me have a guinea pig. This kid is so much smarter than I was!

A mom is going viral for documenting her daughter’s hilariously thorough hamster campaign on TikTok.  Laura Carns had no clue her video would snag three million views when she uploaded it.

Carns daughter Susie REALLY wants a hamster and when her mom left the house, she got to work on her “propaganda campaign” All over the house were pictures of hamsters. In the microwave, on the ceiling, behind plants…pictures of hamsters. Susie also put sticky notes all over the house expressing her need for a pet. Susie even created a PowerPoint presentation on why she deserved a new pet.

But it seems Susie’s campaign was a very successful one, as millions of strangers around the world urged Laura to give in and watched with bated breath to see if the family would ever grow by one hamster. AND they did!

In a later video, the family introduced their new addition, a hamster named Snow. Awwwww! I’ll say this, this did is persuasive. She’ll make a good lawyer or politician one day!


Oh crap I raised a kid who knows how to run a propaganda campaign help #kids #pets #hamsters #fyp #foryou #momsoftiktok

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