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Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images

We all do this: forget to pack something important before a big trip. It has happened to me lots of times. This story is a bit different. A couple found something packed in their suitcase they didn’t need need!

According to the Daily Mail, Jared and Kristi Owens were flying from Texas to Las Vegas for a vacation. When the got to the airport their bag was overweight by five pounds. They opened up the suitcase and found there little chihuahua Icky inside one of Jared’s cowboy boots packed in the suitcase. OMG! A stowaway!

Obviously the couple were shocked to find their pup in the suitcase and they were a bit stressed. They had to catch their flight and couldn’t take Icky with them. Luckily a Southwest agent offered to watch the dog so the couple could make their plane. Cathy Cook, the agent, took Icky for a few days while the Owens’ enjoyed their vacation. So sweet!

Chihuahua’s are small dogs so it’s not a shock they didn’t realize the doggo was in their bag. Years ago my dog Gypsy would hop in my suitcase anytime I started packing. She would only jump in once I had clothes packed. LOL!  Luckily I never packed her!