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Taken with iphone X at Cherry Grove Beach during the 2018 Hurricane season.

I’ve been an amateur photographer since college. Back in those days, it was me with my 35mm SLR camera and rolls of Black & white film. I had a small darkroom and learned to develop and print my own photos. Somewhere in the attic is a box with what’s left of those photos. There’s something about the contrast and shades of gray that have always enticed my eye.

Now we live in a digital world, but my love of black and white photography is still there. Smartphones have taken a lot of the guesswork out of taking great pictures but composition can still be important. Please grab a glass of wine or whatever your pleasure is and enjoy my black & white gallery crawl. All photos were taken with iPhones using available light. Below there is a quick tutorial on how to take better iPhone photos. I just happen to an Apple fan but your smartphone of choice will net you amazing results as well. Now point, click, and enjoy!

20+ iPhone Photography Tips & Tricks

The ultimate photography guide and tutorial for any iPhone!Reach out:twitter: