Moment With Mel: Parachute Pants Are Back And No

If you grew up in the 1980's then you know what parachute pants are. They were not the most attractive, but they were popular! I was quite trendy in the 80's but I didn't own parachute pants. Never really liked them. I had jelly shoes, big hair, a Member's Only jacket, and Jordache jeans. But I said no to the parachute pants. And I say no to them now! Last week, one of my closest friends, that I've known since the 80's, sent me a text. Her daughter, who's in college, works part time at Anthropologie and sent a picture to her mom of the parachute pants the store is selling. Now, they look a bit different than they did in the 80's. And they're definitely more expensive than they were in the 80's. However, they're still not the most attractive. Joggers have been very popular since the pandemic started. They've become quite stylish with people wearing them with heels, boots, and sandals. They're not just pants folks wear around the house or to the gym. Now, I still wear them with sneakers, but they've become fashionable now. Looking online at the Anthropologie parachute pants, they look more like joggers to me. Some look like cargo pants. The store does have various styles though. The Bungee Parachute Pants and the Base Jump Parachute pants are pretty unattractive. The store even has a silk style that sells for $300. I Googled parachute pants 2023 and was shocked at the results. Many stores have different styles! I saw a pair for sale at Urban Outfitters and damn they are ugly! I dig that store, but these pants are bad. Of course, they're labeled at cargo pants. Still, ugly.  Nordstrom has a really ugly pair! For $330, you can rock em! A store called Bershka has some Mettallic Parachute Jeans that look close to the original 80's style. Ugly, but I give em props for making them truly retro. I realize everything old is new again at some point, but for those of us who grew up in the 80's, parachute pants haven't been missed. Although I can't speak for all of us who were teens in the 80's, I can say for my group of friends that we won't be wearing these! Ever! [embed][/embed]

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