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A Texas dad has gone viral after his daughter posted pictures of his work attire. Every day he coordinates his mask with his tie and people are loving his fashion sense.

Steve Montgomery is a 57 year-old car salesman in Texas. Since the pandemic started, he’s been making sure that all his ties and masks match each day.  It all started when he found one of his pocket inserts that came with one of his ties and asked his girlfriend if she could make him a mask. He says that his desire for matching them comes from his time in the military and that he just likes to look sharp.

After he took photos of himself modeling his coordinated accessories, his daughter Kiana shared his pics on Twitter and it didn’t take long for it to go viral. Since July 15, the pics have over 675,000 likes and 82,800 retweets. She was in disbelief at how many people retweeted her post but thought it really was a great idea. Her dad didn’t know what “went viral” meant, but now that he does, he’s enjoying the attention. I’m sure it’s good for business too!

Here’s Kiana’s original Tweet. You can check out some more of the stylish combos here.  He’s got quite a collection going on!