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Melany Myers

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I think a lot of us saw this coming! Phil and I talked about it a few weeks ago. Since summer isn’t far off, an Italian designer has come up with a way to get a suntan and stay safe.

Italian swimsuit designer Tiziana Scaramuzzo who owns Elexia Beachwear has created a bikini with a matching face mask. It’s called the “trikini” and it’s a big hit on social media.

Scaramuzzo was forced to stop production on her bikini line when the coronavirus first hit Italy, so she and her family started making face masks with all the material that was on hand. She joked around about wearing a face mask with a bikini and put a picture up on social media. People loved the photos, so she decided to make the “trikini”.

Orders for the swimsuit are rolling in, so obviously people are digging them! I guess it’s a good thing that folks are thinking of safety first although I’m not sure if they’ll take off her in the United States. We’ll know for sure when summer hits!

Check out the “trikini” here.