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I don’t understand fashion, I really don’t. Why do people pay buttloads of money for certain items? It’s mind-boggling! And here’s an example: a luxury brand is selling high-top sneakers that are “fully-destroyed” for $1850. WTH?

According to Oddity Central, designer brand Balenciaga recently unveiled a new limited-edition line of footwear so damaged and dirty that most people wouldn’t be caught wearing it in public. “Distressed clothing” is one thing but this is nuts!

A pair of Balenciaga Paris High Top Sneakers will set you back $625, but if you’re looking for the heavily destroyed version, that one will cost you over $1800. If you’re wondering what they look like, I’ll tell you. They look like high-top Converse that are about 10 years old and have been covered in cow poop. THAT is what you’ll pay over $1800 for.

And if you’re wondering, yes. The company makes low-tops that are nasty too!

I get it! People like to pay for the brand name on their clothes but come on! You can buy a pair of new high-top Converse for less than $100 and make em dirty yourself. This is nuts! People have too much damn money! We can’t be friends if you buy these!