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Melany Myers

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I’m a big fan of bold, bright nail polish colors, especially in the summer. I have no desire for said bright nail color to smell like food though.

If you’ve always wanted snacks with no guilt, this may be the way to get it. Instead of cracking open a bag of Cheetos in the middle of the night, you can now crack open a bottle of nail polish. Yup. You can now buy scented nail polish that smells like your favorite snacks.

 The Sweet & Salty Collection from SinfulColors includes not one but six nail polishes which pay homage to some of our favorite snack foods. In the sweet department, the flavors include:  Chocolate Cake, Cookies and Cream, and Donut Even. The salty selections come in Cheese Puff, Pizza Party, and Taco Tuesday.

The polish, which is available at Walmart, contains some realistic details so that they truly resemble food. The Cheese Puff color sports a saturated neon orange hue with a crumbled texture, while Donut Even has glitter that looks just like rainbow sprinkles.  I’ll say this, they look VERY festive but I’m not sure I want my fingers smelling like pizza 24/7.

Take a look at the polish here. I may have to buy some JUST to see what it smells like. If I do, I’ll post a video!